30 April 2021 - News

Author fashion facemasks in pharmacies

The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España is promoting this project that brings fashion designer’s facemasks to pharmacies. Ángel Schlesser, Duarte, Duyos, Juanjo Oliva, Maya Hansen and Pedro del Hierro sign a collection of masks for men, women and children.

Committed to the development of products that combine design and health safety, ACME designers have developed a collection of 10 reusable hygienic facemasks UNE 0065: 2020. This new line of masks, designed by renowned fashion designers, retails exclusively in pharmacies. Ángel Schlesser, Duarte, Duyos, Juanjo Oliva, Maya Hansen and Pedro del Hierro are the fashion brands that sign these original facemask designs for men, women and children, together with their own matching mask bags which are made of antibacterial cotton / polyester jersey.

The facemasks are made up of five fabric layers: two outer layers of antibacterial cotton / polyester knitted fabric, two intermediate layers of polyester, and an inner layer of 100% plain weave cotton. Each of the facemasks admits up to 40 washes, with a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) equal to, or greater than 98% before and after washing and a breathability of 34 Pa / cm², according to Applied Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, S.L.U. - Job No./ Report No: 20-009497.

Renowned fashion brand Ángel Schlesser has created two models of children's mask by the hand of its creative director Juan Carlos Mesa, who aimed to convey a message of optimism through his designs. "In these moments we have to face problems with colours and joy, children even more so, we have to inundate them with positivity", declares the fashion designer.

The Duarte signature fashion label, led by Carlos Duarte, has created two designs for men and one for women in which the brand has focussed in uniting design and health safety. "True to the timeless, modern and elegant styles that characterizes the Duarte collections, the facemask models we have designed are perfect to combine with any outfit".

Duyos signs a fun children's facemask design inspired by comic aesthetics. “We wanted children to enjoy the moment of wearing a facemask with joy and fun. These onomatopoeias invite children to play and exclaim like the heroes of their favourite comics”, says the Madrid-based fashion creator.

Designer Juanjo Oliva has created an elegant facemask model for men based on the lines of traditional tailoring. "I wanted to capture our brand’s DNA and create a retro style facemask design inspired by the fabrics of classic tailoring to achieve a functional, and contemporary fashion accessory", explains the designer.

Maya Hansen is the author of two of the models in the collection. The designer has created a children's mask design recreating the patterns from her Blue Vendela collection. "A cheerful proposal, with backgrounds that remind us of the vibrant prints of the 90s, and with a marine inspiration", explains the designer from Madrid. Maya Hansen has also designed a woman's mask model, in which she recovers the classic plumetti on a pale pink background, the fashion house's flagship hue.

Fashion brand Pedro del Hierro has created a mask model for women by the hand of its creative director Nacho Aguayo. "For the development of this mask we wanted to pay, through its design, a tribute to fashion at a time when you need it more than ever", stated the designer.