03 June 2024 - News

Moisés Nieto brings Spain´s craftmanshop to Tokyo

The designer presents the exhibit "Goya, Fashion and Craft" that will take place at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo from June 3rd. to 6th., recreating in a synthetic manner his atelier in Madrid. This exhibit showcases a deep insight into the fashion designer's creative core, allowing Japanese visitors to capture the authentic concept of each garment through a meticulous exhibition of sketches, patterns, fabric swatches and prototypes that have given life to his Fall-Winter 2022-2023 collection.

The exhibition has 18 textile pieces made by 10 Spanish artisans belonging to "La Hacería", a project which was created by the designer himself. Each garment tells its own story while highlighting the artisanal skills that characterize each creation. The selection of elements is kept simple and quotidian, avoiding imposing structures that could divert the visitor's attention, thus offering an environment where creativity and artisanal mastery shine in their own light.

The collection is inspired by the rich Spanish culture and the "majismo" society, adapting historical codes to contemporary times with a reflective approach. The artisan techniques applied include hand embroidery, crochet, macramé and punch needle, using sustainable fabrics such as Tencel and triacetate, as well as cotton, cloth and wool crepe. The color palette, inspired by Goya sketches, ranges from soft tones such as pale pink and ocher to vibrant yellows, greens and intense blues.

Moisés Nieto has collaborated with the Prado Museum for this collection by capturing one of Goya's engravings, "Tú que no puedes" (Capricho nº 42), in two looks from the collection. Additionally, he has recovered yarns from the Royal Tapestry Factory to apply them and enrich the fabrics of some of his pieces, highlighting the value of local craftsmanship and local trades, hence giving the pieces a distinct timeless value.

The exhibition opens a window into the fascinating process of fashion creation. Visitors are invited to explore the journey from the conception of the idea to the making of the garment, immersing themselves in each stage of the creative process and offering an intimate experience that reveals Goya's secrets, passion and artistry hidden behind each garment.