17 November 2020 - News

Over 90 firms sign the Spanish Author's Fashion Manifesto

The Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME), which brings together 74 of the country's main fashion firms, promotes said Manifesto that unites the whole of the Spanish fashion community with the aim of giving visibility to the values ​​of designer fashion design Made in Spain.

Historical legitimacy, cultural legacy, high craftsmanship, creativity, qualified workforce, sustainability and commitment with the trades and with the environment, are some of the inherent values ​​of Spanish author fashion stated in this Manifesto.

The community of Spanish designer fashion seeks thus to showcase the excellence of their work, as well as to regain consumer confidence. How we buy and what we buy are key factors to be able to generate change in order to keep alive an industry of great relevance that generates wealth and preserves our cultural heritage.

Spanish designer fashion also showcases with this Manifesto its contribution towards raising awareness in society of the true value of that which is ours: Made in Spain, local industry, the human capital behind each company, as well as the crafts.

If the current situation and the crisis derived from COVID-19 have taught us anything, it is the need to commit to a kinder and more respectful world. Now, more than ever, as a sector, we have the need to show the entire framework that is hidden behind each of the Spanish designer’s creations.

Spain is one of the few European countries that retains an important artisan fabric made up of small and medium-sized companies, which accumulate the knowledge of many generations of artisans. The author fashion sector works hand in hand with them ensuring that trades are not lost, that this artisanal industry remains alive and acquires a new value in the 21st century, creating a unique concept of contemporary crafts.

This manifesto was created to recount, in Spain as well as abroad, the great capacity and values ​​of Spanish designer fashion. It is time for the institutions, the media and the consumers to be aware of this reality and look towards a sector of exceptional value. It is time to build as a team and believe in the values ​​of our industry to make it grow, and vindicate the role of Spain as a standard-bearer of the Slow Fashion movement internationally.

* The Spanish Author's Fashion Manifesto arises as a continuation of the Madrid es Moda initiative, a project promoted by ACME with the support of the Madrid Capital de Moda platform and the support of the Madrid Business Forum, with the aim of revitalizing commerce in Spanish author fashion, and bring the work of the creators and the artisans in the fashion sector to the final consumer.

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