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Board Members

The Board of Directors is the representative body that manages and defends the interests of the Association.  It is made up of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and three members appointed by the General Assembly.

The elections to vote for the Board of Directors are held every four years.  The candidacy for the 2016-2020 mandate is comprised of: Modesto Lomba, Roberto Torretta, Juan Duyos, Delpozo, Juanjo Oliva, Helena Rohner and Núria Sardá.

Modesto Lomba


Roberto Torretta


Juan Duyos


Pedro Trólez (Delpozo)


Helena Rhoner

Member of Board

Juanjo Oliva

Member of Board

Núria Sardá

Member of Board

Pepa Bueno

Executive director

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