22 November 2021 - News


The Mesa de la Moda de Autor was established today in Toledo responding to the agreement reached last July with the autonomous communities within the Sectorial Commission for Cultural Affairs, it is an integrated work space to improve competitiveness with the capacity to generate value within the Author Fashion’s sector in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda. During the act of constitution of said, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, underlined that “supporting fashion is an obligation ”.

The minister also highlighted the importance of betting on "a strategic sector for productive development, competitiveness and employment." He also claimed that it is necessary to "promote the author fashion industry in order to acquire greater internationalization and recognition."

The Mesa is made up of representatives from the Autonomous Communities, the Asociación de Creadores de Moda (ACME), as well as the Mercedes Benz-Fashion Week Madrid runway, the 080 Barcelona Fashion platform, ICEX, ENISA, EOI, Tourespaña, the General Directorate of Economic Diplomacy and General Directorate of Industries and SMEs.

Modesto Lomba, president of ACME, and Héctor Jareño, member of the board of directors, participated in the act of constitution of the Mesa de la Moda de Autor, which was also attended by Pepa Bueno, executive director of the association.

The president of ACME wished to highlight during his speech the intense work of this professional organization founded in 1998 in favour of all fashion designers. "ACME works every day not only with an eye on its associates, but always thinking of defending the interests of the entire sector of Spanish Author Fashion".

On the other hand, Héctor Jareño, recently incorporated as a member of the association’s board of directors, emphasized the objectives of the Mesa de la Moda de Autor, of which ACME is an active part. “Today, here, we begin the work of the first table created for the analysis of our sector with the aim of drafting a National Strategic Plan that addresses the many areas for improvement as well as the necessary tools to propitiate that Spanish Author Fashion is consolidated as an identity element and as a generator of well-being, gaining competitiveness and driving capacity for the generation of employment and wealth ”.

ACME has requested in this first meeting that the Mesa authorizes holding a global conference in 2022 to carry out a comparative study of the sector in countries such as France, Italy or England. An analysis from which to extract, through a professional report, conclusions that will serve as the basis to open a debate, and present action proposals at the Mesa de la Moda de Autor to finally reach the necessary commitments there. “Decision-making must be approached from the centrality of our positions, generosity, the renunciation of any particular interest, and giving, for the first time, a voice and capacity for decision-making to the creators who are, we are, in short, the protagonists of this work”, stated Héctor Jareño.