07 December 2022 - News

Carlota Barrera, Madrid Capital de Moda Award 2022

Carlota Barrera, a fashion brand integrated in Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME), has won the Madrid Capital de Moda 2022 Award granted by Madrid Capital de Moda, a Madrid City Council platform that promotes initiatives held in the capital city regarding fashion, art, decor and gastronomy while also enhancing Madrid’s global visibility.

Carlota Barrera receives this distinction with great enthusiasm: “It is a privilege, also it is very thrilling to have received the Madrid Capital Fashion Award and we are very excited to materialize this project. Our proposal reflects our team’s fundamental values, and with the support of this award we will be able to develop ideas that we have been considering since the fashion brand’s beginnings”, affirms the designer.

Born in Gijón and living in London, Carlota Barrera studied at the European Institute of Design and later completed a master's degree in men's fashion at the College of Fashion in the British capital. In 2019 she was awarded Vogue's Who's on Next, her pieces, which offer a contemporary vision of the basics are all created with quality fabrics to ensure their durability and are also characterized by small openings and deconstructions, one of her design hallmarks, she is also committed to sustainability, equality, giving visibility to different social causes and the evolution of gender roles. Currently, she presents her collections at London Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and Madrid es Moda.

To decide on the winning proposal, Madrid City Council once again had the assistance of the Fashion Committee, made up of experts from different fields, which also advises the Council regarding activation of other programs. Madrid Capital de Moda thanked Barrera for upholding slow fashion and for her respect for the crafts.

The Madrid Capital de Moda Award grants the winning project €60,000 for the awarded business and creative development, which must also include the accompaniment and tutoring of a student in their last year or a recent graduate in disciplines related to the fashion sector, who will collaborate with the award-winning fashion designer in the implementation of the idea presented.

This important call is part of the commitment by Begoña Villacís, Deputy Mayor of Madrid City Council, and the delegate Miguel Ángel Redondo for Spanish author fashion. Madrid es Moda also arose from this commitment, an initiative organized by ACME thanks to the support of Madrid City Council's platform Madrid Capital de Moda. A biannual event responsible for opening Madrid Fashion Week and completing the official calendar of fashion shows for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that also brings Spanish slow fashion closer to the public through original events held in all the city’s corners to promote its knowledge and boosts sales.