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The fashion brand from Seville, Claro Fernando, presents 'Lis', a collection that unites tradition and future. Creator Fernando Claro, founder of this couture house, shows with his daughter Beatriz, who represents the fashion brand’s generational change, a fashion proposal in which sophistication and versatility merge. Artisan techniques such as braiding and the use of silk fringes contrast with futuristic shapes, cape silhouettes and armour. References to flamenco’s universe are mixed with silhouettes inspired by the Middle Ages, even reminiscent of samurai culture in a fusion of styles and techniques that results in an eclectic proposal full of details. With this collection, the Claro family extols the value of hand-made through pieces that show their passion and know-how in the most traditional couture crafts. Pink, orange, black and white feature as the main tones of highly elaborated garments and majestic volumes.


L'Oréal Paris and the fashion brand Ángel Schlesser, winner of the L'Oréal Paris Award for Best Collection in the previous edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, have come together to pay tribute to all women on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the iconic slogan "Because we are worth it." The objective of both brands, which share values ​​such as inclusion and diversity, is to empower women, whatever their condition, age or style. Thus, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Francine Gálvez, Cristina Piaget, Ruth Beitia and Yelimar from TV show Maestros de la Costura, walk down the runway to show the new creations of the fashion brand directed by Juan Carlos Mesa in a clear commitment to diversity as well as inclusion. Mies Van der Rohe and the Bauhaus collective inspire the designer to create a collection based on the lines of early 20th century architecture. Materials such as marble are transformed into fashion through fabrics and prints, becoming the main protagonists in his fashion proposals. Metallic shimmer and vibrant colours coexist with warm camel and brown garments that enhance functionality and elegance, hallmarks of the emblematic Schlesser house.    

Andrés Sardá and The Wild 20’S at Madrid Fashion Week

Andrés Sardá has converted IFEMA’S runway in Pavilion 14 into a luxurious and fun cabaret inaugurating the 73rd edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. A spectacular fashion film by Eugenio Recuenco starring actress Lali Espósito and Eugenio Auquer has opened the first day of the fashion shows. Andrés Sardá filled the runway with sensual designs paying tribute to the women who have made a difference in the performing arts. Diva and charismatic women are the protagonists of a proposal full of transparencies, shiny details and materials such as silk and lace. Black stands out in this luxurious and suggestive collection, which invites you to dress up from the inside with clothes that caress the body. Beauty, sophistication and elegance are Sardá's antidotes to difficult times. Reviewing garments from the archive of this mythical family brand, this collection is presented as a call for freedom and a song to life.  
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Season Bridal


Miguel Marinero launches his first bridal collection

His experience of more than 45 years in the author fashion sector, together with the family’s passion for beauty and craftsmanship, result in "Querida Adéle" the first bridal collection from the signature label MIGUEL MARINERO. Feminine and unique, their proposals are charged with sensitivity. The Marineros (Miguel and his children Nicolás and Inés) have come together to launch this new project that rescovers the tradition of dressing up as a bride. Remaning with the essentials and extolling simplicity, based on refined lines and the absence of artifice, has become the common goal to create their first bridal fashion collection. Timeless beauty defines the lines of “Querida Adéle”, a fashion proposal in which the Marineros rescue handcrafted pleating techniques and opt for delicate embroidery as the only artifice. Gathers and ceramic applications from old family tableware subtly adorn creations made from natural materials such as linen or silk.
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Season Spring-summer



  Designer CARLOTA BARRERA launches her SS 21 collection. From Asturias, she revisits her origins and returns home through a collection in which allusions to fishing motifs befall so that they transport us to the Cantabrian coast. From knitwear in navy tones, to rope and carabiner accessories, the nostalgia for her homeland is glimpsed in each of her creations for the coming season. As a novelty, CARLOTA BARRERA introduces denim garments among her proposals and, once again, she showcases her passion for craftsmanship with hand-braided rope tops and pieces of reused leather in a totally manual process. This collection is an ode to feelings, to the pleasure of living, to the luxury of physical and emotional wellbeing. CARLOTA BARRERA replaces the rigid codes of men's tailoring with more fluid silhouettes and lighter garments that show a new masculinity, and a dialogue about gender where the protagonists are the already emblematic pieces such as her tank tops, t-shirts with cut-outs and high-waist pants. The Home's a feeling collection is on sale by pre-order at www.carlotabarrera.com Home's a feeling, la nueva colección de Carlota Barrera


Fashion designer Juan Carlos Mesa premiers at one of the most emblematic Spanish fashion houses, Ángel Schlesser. In his first fashion show for the leading fashion brand at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, style icon Katherine Hepburn, a standard bearer of risky femininity, a daring and independent woman, has inspired the fashion creator. The overwhelming personality of the Hollywood actress is the starting point of a collection that is based on the most classic patterns to look towards the future through fabrics. The creator has thus wanted to pay tribute to Schlesser’s clientele by being close to them, one of the designer’s main objectives since his arrival at the fashion firm. His designs play with masculine ambiguity without losing an iota of femininity. Freedom has guided the designer to create a fashion collection of clean lines and careful finishes. Shirt dresses for the day and cape dresses for the night stand out as the essential garments of Mesa's first summer for Schlesser. Poplin and linen are the star materials of the brand's more daytime looks, which give way to the evening through silk satins, micro-sequins and sparkling lamés.  


The Dolores Cortés brand takes us back to the 30s through its new swimwear proposals for the summer of 2021. The collection references the city of Valencia during those years where the prestigious Balneario de las Arenas was opened. Artist Renau was commissioned to design the poster for this new space, one of the first outdoor constructions of this type in Spain. The designer recreates two different environments within her collection, one inspired by the elegant day-to-day at the pool and the other much more sophisticated and nocturnal. For her more daytime proposals Dolores Cortés opts for navy prints that recreate architectural lines and very sporty pieces. Navy blue, white and red are the main colours of the chromatic range for next summer. The more sophisticated pieces are filled with sparkling laminates and iridescent plastic details. Silver and mauve are the star tones of her more nocturnal proposals, which are decorated with embroidery that simulates the reflections of water, geometric openings and plays with transparencies. The Balneario de las Arenas, designer Dolores Font Cortés’s inspiration, was the venue for the Spanish national swimming championships in 1935, an event to which she wanted to pay homage by presenting on the runway a swimsuit she created exclusively for the Spanish synchronized swimming team on occasion of their participation in the London Olympic Games in 2012 where they won the Silver Olympic Medal.
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