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Season Bridal


Hannibal Laguna presenta White Bloom

Designer HANNIBAL LAGUNA presents 'White bloom', his bridal proposal, at the first edition of the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida Bridal Collection fashion shows. This bridal fashion event is held until Friday at emblematic Hotel Santa Catalina in Las Palmas. Sculptural silhouettes, with stylized decolletages and strategic oversized floral embroideries, are the key to Hannibal Laguna's bridal proposals. This collection is a fusion of historical designs with other new creations inspired by the Canary Islands. Embossed textures remind us of a garden full of raffia flowers, translucent leaves, painted petals and abstract motifs inspired by the Canary Islands’ beautiful flora. Unique, elegant and timeless pieces, hand crafted just as if they were authentic jewels. Hannibal Laguna celebrates his 35th anniversary on the catwalks with this couture collection, a huge milestone for which Modesto Lomba, president of Acme, presented him with a commemorative plaque at the end of the fashion show.
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Colecciones 2022

Season Otoño- Invierno

Madrid es Moda

Beatriz Peñalver's superluna

Beatriz Peñalver choose once again Madrid es Moda to hold a fashion show in which to showcase her new capsule collection. La Serrería Belga is also once again the setting for the designer from Granada’s fashion show, presenting her proposals for next fall-winter season. The supermoon phenomenon inspires her creations. Fabrics, colors and silhouettes reflect said full moon. Textured crepe, varnished mikado, gauze, satin, pailletes and strass mesh are the fabrics chosen for this collection. As for the palette, she favors the range of olive oil green and yellow hues, which contrast with electric pink, black, purple, neon and a nuance of earth tones in translucent fabrics. “Superluna” is a collection of 12 catwalk looks composed of genderless garments. This proposal is technically an extension and a correction of Stendhal, Beatriz Peñalver's spring-summer 2022 fashion proposal, a collection with which she shares some pattern lines and fabrics as well as the firm's artisanal finishes to which she adds new silhouettes, fringing and a wink to the phenomenon of the Full Moon.
Madrid es Moda

The Art World inspires Marcos Luengo's Collection

Marcos Luengo's Atelier opened its doors on occasion of Madrid es Moda to present his new fall-winter 2022/2023 collection. A fashion proposal in which the Asturian designer is once again inspired by the world of art to create his designs.

Marcos Luengo is inspired by the works of the Ostinato series by artist Rubén Rodrigo, who experiments with the repetition of shapes and colors. Among the materials he uses, the designer once again makes use of his classic crepe, satin, chiffon, velvet and silk muslin, in solid tones and prints that provide vivid colors.

The designer creates a timeless proposal in which he reinterprets his usual patterns to which he incorporates tighter silhouettes based on geometric cuts. Marcos Luengo opts for wide necklines and new lengths while playing with images and colors, resulting in delicate combinations thought out in detail for each of his designs.

Madrid es Moda

Juan Vidal, inspired by Madame Bovary

Juan Vidal presented the second drop of his new fashion phase to media and stylists within the framework of Madrid es Moda. The novel, timeless capsule by the fashion designer from Alicante, titled “Dream”, went on sale on the same day of the presentation. The event, held at the Serrería Belga, proposed a relaxed conversation with the creator himself, who explained the details of the fashion brand’s new phase as well as the new collection.

This new capsule by Juan Vidal maintains timeless character taking as a reference the French novel Madame Bovary (Flaubert G.), where blue is not only a color to be dressed, but also color that is. Fluid, airy dresses, and prints with floral motifs are the protagonists of a collection that maintains its commitment to sustainable production.

Juan Vidal makes this collection with innovative high-quality fabrics created with yarn made from sea borne recycled materials. Ecological dyes and finishes based on saving water as well as energy, are applied to these fabrics, confirming his commitment to responsible fashion.

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Colecciones 2022

Season Primavera-Verano

Madrid es Moda

Juanjo Oliva's Second Capsule for See IOU

Juanjo Oliva shows his second capsule collection for See Iou in Madrid es Moda. A timeless, bold and sustainable fashion proposal, which represents a contemporary way of understanding author fashion. Slow fashion, and quality were already hallmarks of Juanjo Oliva's work. In the same way, commitment to sustainability and production in local ateliers are also a part of See Iou textile group’s commitment. Values ​​that are reflected in this new project and that they defend from beginning to end with the motto "quality versus quantity". In this second collaboration, Juanjo Oliva and See Iou bet again on an exclusive limited edition collection. The designer's mastery of exquisite pattern making gives the fabrics an almost architectural structure. The binomial black and white is the common thread of a collection that accomplishes a unique ode to timeless elegance.

This is 'Tiburón', the new collection from Palomo Spain

TIBURÓN is the title of Palomo´s new spring-summer 2022 collection. The creator from Cordova presents his proposal in a unique setting, the new LOOM Space at Castellana 85. This spectacular business centre is transformed into a catwalk to showcase his new designs, in which he establishes a vibrant parallelism between the sobriety of the day-to-day life of entrepreneurs and the eccentricity of their desire for greatness and the generous funds in their accounts.

Alejandro Palomo hence explores the executive world and its classic clothing. Movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street” serve as inspiration to transform the aesthetics and at-the-office looks. Classic tailoring becomes contemporary using rigid structures that add an extravagant touch. Sable, mink and marabou accentuate this eccentric point, as well as psychedelic prints as a symbol of lives full of substances and debauchery.

Palomo completes his executive's wardrobe with more casual outfits, polo shirts and preppy-style knit pieces, which become the designer's first knitwear exercise. In his more casual line, laser process customized Levi's 501 stands out. Colourful accessories dress-up Palomo's looks for next season with leather briefcases made in striking colours as well as his sunshades made for MÓ de Multióptica.

Madrid es Moda

Suite, the most timeless proposal by Devota & Lomba

DEVOTA &  LOMBA chose the platform Madrid es Moda to showcase his new collection titled 'Suite'. The capsule of the firm directed by Modesto Lomba was presented in the spectacular penthouse suite of ME Madrid, an emblematic hotel in the city located in central Plaza de Santa Ana. The models strolled through all the rooms of this spectacular residence in a very original and intimate presentation addressed to the firm’s clients and friends. 'Suite' is a cosmopolitan, timeless and versatile proposal aimed at a free woman. Always ready to travel, this new Devota & Lomba collection adapts to the new times, where summer and winter merge and interchange creating a practical manner of dressing. Very summery garments made with very colourful floral print fabrics merge with Glenn plaid tailored suits and waterproof quilted down jackets in vibrant shades. This new Devota & Lomba collection will soon be on sale at Es Fascinante, the online fashion marketplace of reference for Spanish slow fashion, as well as at multi-brand stores throughout Spain.  
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