02 December 2020 - News


Fashion and food come together again in a new project. The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Princesa Amandine Association so that renowned fashion designers create household and crockery items for their clients. It is an annual promotional campaign created with the purpose of increasing their business at the point of sale.

In this first instalment, corresponding to the fall / winter season, the firm Devota & Lomba has created a limited edition of 4,000 printed placemats in which the creative values of the emblematic Spanish fashion brand, directed by Modesto Lomba, are reflected. “With these designs we have developed a geometric game, as if it were a flat origami”, declares the Basque designer.

Lomba has been responsible for translating the essence of his catwalk collections into a product for domestic use. “We start from the corporate colours of Princesa Amandine that, after having passed through the Devota & Lomba sieve, have resulted in a retro-futuristic look for our tables”, adds the creator. For Modesto Lomba, designer fashion and food are two very close sectors that share important values. "Both are industries that are committed to quality, production in proximity and that take maximum care of their products."

These placemats created by Lomba are later offered as a prize in a raffle among people who buy Princesa Amandine in supermarkets and department stores. "We liked the idea that our clients could get a gift from a designer recognized for his creativity," says Sáenz de Cámara.

Alfonso Saénz de Cámara, president of the Asociación Princesa Amandine Ibérica adds; “we have always opted for an original brand positioning, starting with the name of Princesa Amandine as well as cheerful corporate colours. We welcome this agreement with ACME with great enthusiasm, and with the idea of ​​continuing to invest in creative business models to provide consumers with a touch of elegance when purchasing our products ”.

For the spring / summer 2021 season, a second designer belonging to the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España will be in charge of creating another limited collection for Princesa Amandine. According to Alfonso Saénz de Cámara, “this agreement with ACME is part of our strategy of seeking agreements with related sectors, and in this case supporting the fashion sector in Spain”.