03 February 2020 -

Madrid es Moda window shops 7.0: new category

Spanish fashion strolls through the capital’s main streets and shopping centres thanks to the traditional Madrid es Moda’s Window Shop Competition. Window Shop 7.0 because they reach nothing more and nothing less than 7 years of life with this VIIth call. The competition was established almost on par with the festival and has evolved with it. With two modalities, professional and novel, this event combines talent and originality, and once again has the support of the Madrid Capital de Moda platform of Madrid’s City Council.

In the novel category, the students of the capital’s main design schools, supervised by their window dressing and design teachers, will test all their skills by creating spectacular window shops with garments by established Spanish designers. Participated by, this time, IED Madrid, Superior Design Center of Madrid (CSDMM) and Nebrija University.

At the Moda Shopping Mall, CSDMM students present what they have called «Tribute to our Fashion Masters». And they do not lack reason, since for them it is an honour to be able to exhibit in the shop windows with which they will participate in the competition, the garments of some of the most prestigious Spanish designers, and at the same time their admired teachers. Names of the stature of Daniel Rabaneda, creative director of fashion brand Ángel Schlesser, Miguel Becer from ManéManéJuan Vidal o Ana Locking teach fashion subjects in this centre, supervise the student’s creations in the end of the year fashion shows, and they now provide them with the opportunity to "show off" their designs and win the competition.

On the other hand, IED Madrid presents its students’ window shops in different spaces and also does so with garments by some of the designers who collaborate with the centre as teachers, as is the case of Juan Vidal in the Moda Shopping Mall or Miguel Becer from ManéMané at the Cement Design store in La Latina (Calle Cava Baja, 29). Finally, Moisés Nieto premiers in this VIIth edition of the competition as IED Fashion School Madrid’s Director with a window shop that includes some of his designs in Flores Carlos de Troya (San Hermenegildo Street, 13)

Nebrija University participates with a design made by its students and the firms FranjulCapas SeseñaPilar Dalbat and The Concrete in the Franjul space (Calle Lope de Vega 11.

Good luck to everyone! In a few days the names of the students who won the prize in the new category of the VIIth Window Shop Competition of Madrid es Moda will be known. The awards ceremony will be held on February 10th at the Hotel Iberostar Las Letras.

You can still enjoy many of the activities scheduled for Madrid es Moda, we continue until February 9th.

Photos: Pablo Paniagua[:]