01 February 2020 -

Madrid es Moda’s Pop Up is back!

Shopping is a must during Madrid es Moda thanks to its Pop Up. We invite you to visit the central square of the shopping mall Moda Shopping where you can find different Spanish brands in the same space and shop taking into consideration the garments quality, and not the cost, investing with intelligence and buying looks that can last a lifetime.

Until February 5th you have the opportunity to buy Spanish design through the Isla Bonita Moda platform, with brands from La Palma Island such as PaniculataPomelineDiazarPaloma SuárezJesús GutiérrezWaleska MorínD’Andrea Tocados & ComplementosPatricia Aelbrecht and Burdeos by Eloísa Pascual. They are joined by other brands such as María Luisa de EspañaKilling WeekendElverso, Starlite UniverseJuan Carlos Pajares and Lauwood.

You can now make your wish list and give yourself a shopping day, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., in central Paseo de la Castellana. And all very easy, in the same space, without having to move around or venture into the cold, with exclusive fashion designs and brands that you will not be able to find in the usual stores. Your next outfits will thank you.

Remember that there are many activities related to fashion waiting for you to discover them, find out on the website of Madrid es Moda.

Images: Pablo Paniagua[:]