04 February 2020 -

Professional window shops: open to creativity and design

Madrid es Moda’s Window Shop Competition was created with the aim of valuing the fashion exhibition space par excellence, and slowly but surely, every edition, this aim is being achieved. Designer boutiques, author stores, shopping centres, hotels, even decor shops open their windows to join the challenge of competing in this contest that already reaches 7 calls. The vision and experience of window dressers is at stake in the case of the professional category, and the learning and talent to be demonstrated by students in the novel category.

Pending the final verdict by the jury of the competition that will be announced on February 10th, fashion brands  Pedro del HierroRoberto VerinoMiguel MarineroLauwoodMaría Luisa de EspañaKilling Weekend and Elverso rival in creativity and design with their window shop proposals in the professional modality.

Until then, from Madrid es Moda, we invite you to step outside to admire the fashion behind the glass by the hand of Pedro del Hierro in their shop in calle Goya, 29.

Walk on and make another stop at calle Serrano 33, where designer Roberto Verino’s boutique, which also participates with an exclusive montage, is located.

Go on a little further, you will find very special window shops in the Oliva Iluminación store in calle Hortaleza, 57, with mannequins dressed by creator Miguel Marinero, illuminated with Oliva lamps, and decorated with a star composition, symbol of the Sueño de Vicky Foundation, which raises funds for child cancer. Both firms have joined in to participate in the competition with a charitable cause, donating the prize, should they be the winners of the contest in this category.

“Lauwood, between Fauvism and Impressionism” is the title of the next window shop that may be visited by the hand of the accessories brand Lauwood in their store in La Moraleja Green Shopping Centre. To do this, they have created and exhibit a range of handbags with paintings by author Jordi Santacana, an expert in this French pictorial movement.

The last window shops are located in completely different scenarios. They are part of the day-to-day life of the clients staying in the hotels where they are exposed but they are also exterior windows that can be observed by everyone who passes by. The firm María Luisa of Spain has chosen the Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII hotel (calle Alfonso XII, 18) presenting a range of garments from their «Fatal Love» collection.

Killing Weekend fashion brand also exhibits their garments, designed and produced sustainably, by the hand of a hotel, the Hotel Icon Embassy (calle Serrano, 46).

And the Elverso firm, which is committed to details, delicate finishes and the possibility of customizing your essential shirts with jewel or fantasy accessories, demonstrates this with their shop window at the Icon Wipton Hotel (calle Jorge Juan, 17)

We can only wish all the luck in the world to all the participants. Very soon we will know the name of the winners.

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Photos Pablo Paniagua.