20 June 2022 - Creadores

Roberto Verino, member of the Galician Royal Academy of Fine Arts

This weekend Roberto Verino officially joined as an academic, in the Image Arts section, the Galician Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The Galician designer is one of the founding members of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España.

In a ceremony held in his hometown, the municipality of Verín in the Orense province, Verino thanked the important recognition with a speech in which he defended the enormous, proud contribution of Galician fashion to Spain. “In our country, in Galicia, fashion was a fundamental and transformative engine of social, industrial and economic innovation”, he declared.

Verín was the place chosen for this Act of Entry as it is a part of the brand created by the fashion designer in 1982. “Verín is part of my name, my brand, my life. It is like that companion – the one we all wish had – who is always at your side throughout your life” reflected the creator in gratitude to his people.

He took his name from Verín, but it is also the place he chose to build a textile industry through which he became the second Spanish fashion designer (after Balenciaga) to open a store in Paris, to sell in twenty countries or to be one of the references of the successful Galicia Moda group of designers.

The relationship between fashion and art has played a fundamental role in Roberto Verino's career. "Fashion is an element that drives art itself." Thus, due to the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his fashion brand, the Museo del Traje, Madrid and the Gabarrón Foundation in New York hosted an exhibition featuring the designer.

His proximity to the art world intensified in 2015 with the opening of a permanent art space in his store in Calle del Paseo in Ourense, a place that aims to aid in broadcasting and acknowledging artist’s work. “I believe that there is no better alliance for fashion than Art. This is how history has shown us that the link between the two always works”, assured the creator from Ourense.

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