07 March 2022 - Colecciones 2022

Roberto Verino’s 49th anniversary in Madrid es Moda

ROBERTO VERINO celebrates his 40th anniversary in Madrid es Moda with the presentation of 'Belleza Serena', his spring-summer 2022 collection. The Galician creator showed his new proposals with an intimate fashion show held at the Rosewood Villa Magna Hotel.

With this collection, Roberto Verino pays homage to all things eternal, immutable, those capable of transcending time because they know how to adapt to the times without losing their essence, because they are universal, because they are understood without the need of an explanation. The Galician house is thus committed to the concept of emotional wardrobes and those garments that, due to their design and quality, endure over time and pass on from generation to generation.

This proposal by Roberto Verino invites you to recover conscious leisure, moments of peace, quiet walks and the inspiring dolce far niente that has captivated so many artistic talents throughout history.

Colecciones 2022
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