25 April 2024 - News

Sergio de Lázaro, named ambassador of the Museo del Traje’s II edition of the DiseñAR-T program.

The Museo del Traje, a state museum dependent on the Ministry of Culture, located in Madrid, hosted the presentation of DiseñAR-T this month of April. In this second edition, the program welcomed Sergio de Lázaro as ambassador by María Redondo and Armiche Rodríguez, professors of said program.

The event was inaugurated by Helena López de Hierro, director of the Museo del Traje-Centro de Investigación del Patrimonio Etnológico; Albert Arcarons, former director of the Office of the High Commissioner to Combat Child Poverty; and Mercedes Roldán, deputy director general of State Museums of the Ministry of Culture.

During the presentation, the students not only gave a warm welcome to a leader in the fashion sector such as is De Lázaro, but they also enjoyed the opportunity to address different questions and concerns, covering various fields and issues, from the identity of a brand to its marketing…

Regarding his new role within this edition, De Lázaro explains: “As ambassador, I will monitor the progress of each individual student as well as the final project, trying to advise and help its development. Additionally, this project will be presented at the closing ceremony and will be exhibited in the museum for a period of time.”