25 November 2022 - News

Spanish Fashion lights up Madrid for the Festive Season

Ana Locking, Moisés Nieto and Helena Rohner are the signature brands that have joined this year the original project by gifting their light designs which illuminate respectively Plaza de Chueca, Calle Arenal, and the luminous fir tree in Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz. Three enclaves steeped in history and well travelled by the people of Madrid who will be touched by the Festive Season’s magic and designer fashion.

"Plaza de Chueca represents both for the collective and for its allies a symbol of freedom, a safe haven where they can embody their unique individuality and identity. It is also where one can express a feeling of inclusion, freedom, expression and connection, which are unique to the city of Madrid. Hence, the Festive Season’s lighting designed for this “plaza” represents a celebration of all these statements. Taking the LGTBIQ+ collective’s flag colors, and shape them into stars, honors not only what has been achieved over decades of effort and struggle, but also these stars also represent the utopian hope of a better world in this ever changing rainbow of colors”, comments Ana Locking.

On the other hand, Moisés Nieto, true to his philosophy, has taken as his starting point the artisan origin of the neighbourhood to which Calle Arenal belongs, thus paying the trades a tribute: "To design the lighting for Calle Arenal, I was inspired by Madrid’s neighbourhood where all the craft workshops (spinners, embroiderers, saddlers...) were housed in the 17th century. The pieces that illuminate the area, from Sol to Ópera, are large spheres reminiscent of circular crochet patterns. Crafts used until recently for home décor. Detailed circles in warm and vibrant colors”, adds Moisés.

And jewellery designer Helena Rohner thus defines the moulded luminous fir in Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz as follows: “I thought of a tree as a universal symbol, with no message beyond nature and its implicit harmony. It has been designed with the firm objective of being an encouraging presence both at night as a lit tree as well as by daytime without lighting.”

The proposals by creators that have participated in previous years remain in the usual locations. The romantic design by Juan Vidal, where the main elements are the color red and a big heart, illuminate calle Preciados. Maya Hansen takes over Calle Montera inspired by the skating world and the work of graffiti artist Muelle, very linked to this street. Teresa Helbig’s creative universe also returns to Calle Fuencarral and Duyos colourful garland in Calle Goya recalls lines of classic jewellery and the strength transmitted by precious stones. Additionally, once again on Paseo del Prado, the 10-meter-tall Menina is a must-see with 37,720 LED bulbs, plastic diamonds, sequins and silver balls designed by Andrés Sardá in collaboration with the Meninas Madrid Gallery, a project by artist Azzato and Madrid Capital de Moda.

The only design that changes space is the large light tree by Devota & Lomba, which this year can be enjoyed in Madrid Río at Puente del Rey. Geometry and origami are the key protagonists of this special tree, also a hallmark of the brand directed by Modesto Lomba.

The union of ACME’s designers with Madrid’s Festive Season enjoys a long history. This synergy between leading fashion designers and the capital city’s Festive lighting began in 2006, since then many designers have enjoyed the privilege of dressing up Madrid by gifting their creations to the year’s most exciting Festive Season.