26 July 2022 - News

Third edition of Madrid Capital de Moda Award

Madrid City Council launches the call for the third edition of the Madrid Capital de Moda Award, an acknowledgement that arises from the Government Area of ​​​​Economy, Innovation and Employment, and which is supported by ACME through a close collaboration during the start-up and development of said award.

The Madrid Capital de Moda Award is aimed at promoting specialized training and improving the business projection of fashion designers, specifically those who have participated in Madrid Fashion Week

Participants in the 3rd Edition of Madrid Capital de Moda Award 2022 must meet the following requirements to participate. They must be relevant fashion designers of recognized prestige with a solid career performance, whether they may be individuals or legal entities, and they must comply with the following:

  • Not been awarded in previous editions.
  • Have actively participated, between January 2021 and June 2022, in Madrid Fashion Week, or in any event of a similar nature organized in the city of Madrid that the award’s managing body, with the jury’s advice, considers has had a relevant impact in strengthening Madrid’s brand image as a fashion capital. Active participation in said award will be face-to-face or digital presentation of the fashion designer's work, proposals or collections.
  • That the participant has an original, innovative, creative, as well as a business development project, provided that all or some of the phases of the development and implementation processes are carried out in the municipality of Madrid, and that its content includes the accompaniment and tutoring of an intern; who will be a recently graduated student (2021-2022 academic year), in disciplines related to the fashion sector (design, marketing, digital, communication or business development), who will collaborate with the designer in the implementation of the project presented. Both circumstances must be expressly developed in the submitted project. The winning person or entity must formalize the corresponding training collaboration agreement with the study centre (university or school) from which the intern proceeds.

The winner’s award will consist of a cash contribution of €60,000. The winner will undertake to invest the amount received in the project for which he/she has been awarded.

The newly graduated student will receive financial aid during the time of implementation of the winning project. Said amount will be charged to the amount of the prize and must be specified in the project presented.

The deadline for submitting proposal begins tomorrow, Wednesday, July 27th, and ends on September 7th.

Projects may be submitted digitally by entering here to apply for participation.

All the information regarding said award and the bases are available in this link.