16 June 2022 - News

Tot-Hom presents a new capsule collection

Fashion brand TOT-HOM presents in Madrid a new capsule collection in collaboration with activist Leticia Valera. Africa by Tot-Hom is a limited edition fashion proposal, in which said Catalan firm addresses haute couture by materializing ethnic fabrics from Senegal.

The collection is based on an ideology in which the premises are sustainability, solidarity, social inclusion and commitment. New luxury focused on people with a free spirit, and with awareness for crafts, art, fashion and interior design, people who enjoy spirituality, nature and seek a slow and sustainable lifestyle.

Thus, Tot-Hom, a firm with over 55 years of history, joins the NGO Kassumay Senegal, where Leticia Valera carries out community work, supporting projects for women in social exclusion and victims of trafficking. This limited edition fashion collection may be purchased by order at TOT-HOM stores in Madrid and Barcelona.