28 July 2023 - News

TOUS Afterlife transforms campaigns elements into handbags

TOUS, the firm that makes creativity and self-expression shine, presents TOUS Afterlife, a circular design project in which its billboards have been transformed into a limited edition collection of handbags. Each piece is unique and has been made in local workshops managed by the Ared Foundation, whose mission is to support people in situations of risk of exclusion. Within the framework of this collaboration, the jewellery firm will donate the profits to the Foundation.

Through this initiative, the company wants to promote circularity, through the transformation of products and materials, with a zero-waste philosophy. Like TOUS Steps or TOUS Claws, TOUS Afterlife arose from the TOUS Innovation Community, which is made up of multidisciplinary teams that explore ways to connect with new communities and environments and are constantly seeking, just as the jewellery firm, new forms of expression.

This limited edition is already on sale on the TOUS website (tous.com) and in its stores on Calle Serrano in Madrid and Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona, where images of the transformation process from billboard to accessory will also be exhibited.

Xavier Rebés, Innovation and Transformation Director of TOUS, affirms that: “We are very excited to see TOUS Afterlife materialize, an initiative that reflects our legacy, always designing and creating pieces so that they last over time. Circularity is part of our DNA, giving a second life to our jewellery is one of our artisan’s specialties, and we continue working to innovate and find new formulas to extend the useful life of everything we create.” Adding that: “It is fantastic to see all the talent we have and how the people who make up the TOUS Innovation Community promote such inspiring projects.”