Colecciones 2023



Custo Barcelona brings us closer to summertime at 080 Barcelona

Custo Barcelona presented the new Spring-Summer collection, "Sun O'clock", at the renowned Barcelona catwalk, Pasarela 080, a fashion proposal dedicated to imagination, loaded with innovation, and with which we are once again amazed. The new collection’s starring garment is the dress: micro, with a minimalist pattern and geometric shaped openings, maxi, with streamlined patterns and macro geometries jacquards. Garments made with soft fabrics, such as macro, oversize pants that, combined with experimental micro tops, stand out alongside other of Custo's starring garments: swimsuits and bodies, pieces that draw attention due to their openings and the combination of jacquards and thick thread woven bands that recreate geometric shapes together with logo trimmings. The Catalan fashion designer has been inspired by the beauty and richness of precious stones including in the collection the entire colour palette: emerald green, sapphire blue, topaz orange, spinel pink, tourmaline fuchsia, citron yellow, amethyst purple, larimar sky blue, diamond white and onyx black, all hues applied as a solid colour or mixed in vibrant new combinations. The result is a non-stop fashion show reflecting light, optimism, joy and music, all inseparable and eternal companions of an unstoppable Custo.

Inspira, the new SS23 collection by Adolfo Domínguez

Firm Adolfo Domínguez celebrates a new immersive fashion show in Matadero to present the S/S23 collection, “Inspira”. In a multisensory space where fashion, music and live performances come together, the fashion show featured musician Abraham Cupeiro and a contemporary Japanese dance that emerged in the 1950s, Butoh dance, performance. The new collection has been created under the concept "The beauty that turns you on", an internal look at everything that inspires us. The designs presented are a reflection of the keys to enjoy an inspired life: vibrate in the present, value your body, live from the heart, be one with nature. Adriana Domínguez, Executive President of the Adolfo Domínguez Group explains that, "Inspira” is a collection that seeks to leave a positive foot print and open the doors of inspiration to those who dress us or see us."

Acromatyx presents a new collection at Arganzuela Greenhouse

Acromatyx, the duo made up by Xavi García and Franx de Cristal, presented their new fashion collection, titled "Calma". The firm held a fashion show in Arganzuela Crystal Palace Greenhouse due to the collaboration with Madrid Capital de Moda. This building, by architect Luis Bellido y González, housing more than 9,000 species of plants, together with the comforting sound of its fountains and sheets of water, transport calm and serenity and gives the collection its name. Acromatyx’s designers define this new fashion proposal as a sensory and experimental rave. The color range is focused exclusively on jet black and pure white interspersed with bright yellow, conveying strength and intensity. Fluid fabrics such as taffeta, silk, poplin, second-skin tulle or sequins with a scale effect, fused with more organic fabrics such as denim and light wool, coexist in harmony with metal appliqués, giving some garments a nostalgia of the 1990s and 2000s.  In this collection, the union of Acromatyx with Swarovski is highlighted, based on decontextualizing a luxury item linked to the night to place it at a more accessible and urban level. Also noteworthy is the fashion brand's collaboration with the optical brand Hawkers, creating two models of glasses with a futuristic, angular and wrap-around design. Finally, for the footwear, classic models from the New Rock firm have been used to impregnate the catwalk with the rave culture of the 90s, in different colours.

Otrura presents its tenth collection

Otrura, the duo made up by fashion creators Sergio de Lázaro and Verónica Abián, presented their tenth proposal titled "Now they look". This new movement, as they term their fashion presentations, puts the focus not only on the work they do together with their team, but also on the social context in which we live. This season’s concept emphasizes the inquisitive and expeditious vision of a society that judges without knowing. With their new creations, Otrura seeks to escape from established canons and social impositions to show themselves more authentic than ever. Verónica Abián and Sergio de Lázaro showcased a collection in which, once again, their know-how in tailoring flourished, transformed in a very creative way to present itself renewed. Transparencies, daring openings and large and fancy stitches bare the body showing not only the verity of the garment itself, but also that of the one who wears it.  

A journey towards calm with Moisés Nieto

Moisés Nieto presents his spring-summer 2023 proposal, titled "Siesta". A fashion show held at Plató Cenital, where the creator from Jaén created a particular garden with the help of Elena Suárez & Co. Through aromas, and a musical atmosphere created Zahara, also from Jaén, Moisés Nieto takes us to his native hometown Úbeda for long summer “siestas” and the calmness of rural life, valuing time and disconnection. His garments adhere to the skin and spontaneously wrinkle like sheets. Pajama suits are the main protagonists of a fashion proposal that includes prints inspired by an old set of sheets that the designer Moisés Nieto discovered in a market in Mexico. The inspiration also comes from the trousseau and the importance that past generations gave to sheets, becoming a tribute to the conquest of time that rest entails. With this collection, Moisés Nieto confirms his commitment to a conscious wardrobe, the use of sustainable fabrics, and a return to the roots as well as craftsmanship as the main focus for the construction of his fashion proposals.  

García Madrid’s most optimistic tailoring

García Madrid presents his collection nº35 within Madrid Fashion Week. A bright and contemporary proposal that, in the words of Manuel García, the firm’s creative director, "speaks of elegance in other words". On this occasion, García Madrid's inspiration stems from classic tailoring with an eye towards the future. The creator experiments with new materials, new shapes and new blends of colors and textures in a very cheerful collection. Ranges of blues and pinks, aquamarines and pearls, dialogue with greens, pinks and tuti frutti prints, exuding optimism in a proposal full of light. The silhouette of García Madrid's men becomes more dynamic, adopting the best traditional shapes to bring them up to date. Suits with double-breasted jackets, two-tone suits, oversize trousers, smoking and morning suits are made from high-quality traditional materials such as virgin wool, cashmere, silk and premium cottons, but also from innovative environmentally friendly fabrics.

Robertodiz's most fluid collection

Robertodiz uploads to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk a very surprising collection for which he has collaborated with Benjamín Bulnes, with whom he has made chrome masks that are created from biomechanical engineering, thus converting the models into super heroines of the future.

With his new proposal, Robertodiz gets rid of his characteristic shoulder pads and interlined pieces to create his yet lighter collection. The Galician creator presents very fluid garments, which are far from his usual architecture.

Trousers are presented as an essential garment in a more colorful collection than previously showcased by Robertodiz. Raffia and mesh embellished with crystals are the protagonists of very sophisticated looks destined to be paraded on the red carpet.


The brightness and energy of Lola Casademunt by Maite

The new Lola Casademunt by Maite, the premium line of the emblematic Catalan house, is presented on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk with a fashion show that enjoyed the participation of Nieves Álvarez.

The fashion proposal by Maite Gassó, creative director of Lola Casademunt, for spring-summer 2023 is based on dreams. The designer is experiencing a period of maximum splendour as is reflected in the use of energetic colors such as fuchsia, orange, mauve, gold and fluorine, and in looks filed with sparkle.

Rêve d'Été” is the title of a fashion proposal full of light and vitality, where as usual, animal prints could not be missing. On this occasion, zebra prints stand out as protagonist in designs destined to dress women of all sizes and ages 24 hours a day.


The “Glorias” of Claro Couture

Firm Claro Couture presents a new collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. His fashion proposal for next season, spring-summer 2023, titled “Glorias”, presents creations for men for the first time.

Claro Couture proposes a collection that blends fabrics and textures. Very powerful looks in which different shades of blue, and black, stand out as key colors. There is also room for fuchsia pink, showcased in designs with floral applications. The star materials being satin, chiffon, fabrics full of sequins and lace dotted with feathers.

The Sevillian house, directed by Fernando Claro and his daughter Beatriz, performs a couture exercise on the catwalk with meticulously crafted creations in their atelier in Dos Hermanas, Andalucia. The female silhouette is shown freely, with patterns that detach from the body or transparencies that show it openly.


Custo presents his new collection at Madrid Fashion Week

Custo unfolds his new spring-summer 2023 collection on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk. A fashion proposal for which he has allowed his imagination to run wild, showcasing complex patterns designed to dress up a self-confident woman.

The Catalan designer ventures a risky selection of materials to create a mix of textures and colors, being Custo's hallmark.

Made for women who dare, his garments play with openings and geometry. A novel architecture that builds pieces from bandages gives a unique personality to his designs.

Madrid es Moda

Hotel Thompson hosts Devota & Lomba’s presentation

The architectural and masculine framework of the Hotel Thompson Madrid, serves as a contrast to pay homage to women. In the cubic void of the patio, used as a stage, Devota & Lomba presents his new spring-summer 2023 capsule collection, titled Thompson. With a markedly feminine, optimistic character, and a retro air, his fashion proposal, designed for a conscious woman who knows how to adapt to these times of change, is filled with bright colours. Pleats take centre stage in a collection made for day to day. Vivid prints decorate very comfortable, flowing garments, which detach from the woman's body providing full freedom of movement.

Ulises Mérida returns to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Ulises Mérida returns to the Madrid catwalk after two seasons away to present his spring-summer 2023 collection. “Recreo” is a fashion proposal with which the creator transports us to his childhood. Craftsmanship, with meticulously made crochet pieces, immerses us in this retrospective journey taking us to an innocent, joyful and carefree era. The designer from La Mancha plays with color and shapes in his particular playtime, “Recreo”. Yellow, orange, pink, green and blue color a collection that exudes optimism. Asymmetrical skirts, high-waist pants, and his well-known blouses are the star garments of Ulises Mérida latest fashion proposal. Freedom rises as a motto in the designer’s new phase, who returns to the catwalk with renewed enthusiasm.

Fely Campo presents her new proposal at IFEMA

Designer Fely Campo has uploaded her new spring-summer 2023 collection to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk, a proposal inspired by her origins, and by women. Very feminine and timeless pieces are the protagonists of this collection bringing together the entire creative universe of Fely Campo. The urban rhythm of cities such as New York, Tokyo and Madrid serve as the common thread in a collection in which classical ballet is very present representing the contrast between the delicacy of classical dance and the stridency of the city. Fely Campo’s fashion proposal seeks beauty in full movement and is presented as an antithesis of rigidity through rich fabrics, shapes that detach from the body and fluid silhouettes.

Aurelia Gil debuts at MBFWM with her 365 collection

Aurelia Gil, a designer belonging to the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida program of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, steps onto the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid for the first time with her 365 collection. The designer from Gran Canaria presents a very personal proposal, which pays tribute to her career spanning 20 years, and revising her most iconic pieces. Her roots and her homeland are the common thread of a proposal with an artisanal and sustainable heart. Fluid and very feminine lines characterize the designs of Aurelia Gil, which demonstrates her passion for Canarian artisans and crafts, with details made by local Ingenio artisan fretwork. Tradition and innovation are blend in looks where her know-how in swimwear, acquired over her two-decade career, is evident.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and her sustainable commitment

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is in charge of placing the finishing touch to the second day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid shows in Hall 14 of IFEMA with a flare up of color. To the rhythm of Spanish rock, in collaboration with Radio 3, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada showcased her new spring-summer 2023 collection on the catwalk. The designer, who has always demonstrated her commitment to the environment, has showcased with this fashion proposal her alliance with textile company Pyratex, creating her characteristic garments with sustainable fabrics made with natural fibres from algae, bamboo or banana. Her well-known symbols such as hearts, clouds and flowers sneak back into her proposals embodied in t-shirts, kaftans, dresses and fuseau pants. The applications of fabric squares, like post-it notes, make up the designer's most sophisticated garments for the forthcoming season.  

Hannibal Laguna presents "Spring Lights"

Hannibal Laguna has shown on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk a collection that exudes optimism through intense color. A chromatic surge starring a floral effusion, in the details as well as in the shapes. With “Spring LightsHannibal Laguna performs a metaphor of rebirth and flourishing after difficult times. Silk chiffon is the star material of a collection that is adorned with delicate floral embroidery on fine, almost invisible tulle. The dress becomes the fetish garment of a collection that seeks to enhance femininity to the maximum with very marked waists, large ruffles, transparencies and openings that reveal, with elegance and subtlety, the beauty of the body.

Teresa Helbig’s Festival

Teresa Helbig goes up on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk to hold a celebration that pays a tribute to women. An authentic display of couture and meticulous craftsmanship placed at the service of a woman who never goes unnoticed. Music has connected generations, a universal language that stands out as the protagonist of this particular Helbig Music Fest, a rebellious collection with a haughty touch, but also fanciful and very sophisticated. Emblematic festivals like Woodstock and artists like Janis Joplin or Patti Smith inspire the new Teresa Helbig collection. Using materials such as leather, cotton lace, silk chiffon or glitter, Teresa Helbig celebrates one of the great human passions, freedom of spirit, together with the preservation of talent, broadcasting the arts and sisterhood to the sound of music.  

Duarte presents his new proposal at MBFWM

Duarte brought his new spring-summer 2023 fashion proposal to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk. A ground-breaking collection for which the firm has carried out intense research work on pattern making, especially in dresses and skirts. A destination such as Saint-Paul-de-Vence, which was artists Matisse or Picasso’s place of residence, becomes a source of inspiration for Duarte. The wonderful works that these artists painted in the French Provence town draw the color of the fashion brand's creations for next season. Duarte's designs play with gender boundaries through relaxed silhouettes and garments that can be worn, interchanged by men and women. Carlos Duartealso plays with textures, mixing transparencies with more structured materials. Viscose, carded cotton or organic denim, are the common thread of a collection that was created to dress their clients at any time of the day and on any occasion.

Isabel Sanchís pays couture a tribute

Isabel Sanchís presents her creations for next spring-summer season on MBFWM catwalk. The Valencian fashion brand is one of the most international of Spanish fashion with a loyal clientele reaching over more than 40 countries around the world.

Led by Isabel Sanchís personally as well as her daughter Paula Maiques, the firm reviews its own aesthetic codes in their new collection. A proposal in which the most recognized elements of this couture house, such as feathers, flowers and large volumes, are presented renewed.

The dress, which is shown in multiple lengths and shapes, stands out as the star garment among Isabel Sanchís's fashion proposals. The firm presents a wide range of colours, ranging from dusty tones, fuchsia pink or burgundy, without losing sight of the elegant sobriety of black and white.


Dolores Cortés is inspired by the Bauhaus women

Firm Dolores Cortés has presented its new swimwear collection for next summer on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk. This Valencian house, one of the oldest in Spanish fashion, brings to the catwalk a collection inspired by the Bauhaus weavers. In the emblematic school many women were referred to the textile workshop, one of the most successful and productive of the Bauhaus. Anni Albers was one of their great figures, and her work, highly influenced by pre-Columbian culture and marked by color, is the starting point of a very dynamic and vital collection. Crochet details, embroidery and floral appliqués demonstrate Dolores Cortés' commitment to a very elevated concept of swimwear in which craftsmanship blends with innovation in materials as well as in pattern design.

Paloma Suárez, a dreamy spirit

Fashion designer Paloma Suárez, who belongs to the Isla Bonita Moda del Cabildo Insular de la Palma, presented her new collection during the off schedule of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid with a fashion show held at the Hotel Meliá Madrid Princesa. Titled “Make a Wish”, the creator from La Palma filled the catwalk with brilliance and color, always drawing inspiration from her origins. Her commitment to new fabrics, new lines and techniques showcased Paloma Suárez’s restlessness, a young designer who likes to dream, and experiments with each collection. The contrast of textures brands her looks, in which the designer from La Palma reflects her vitality and passion for a particular craft, relying on the artisan know-how of her Island, La Palma, rejuvenating local craftsmanship by recovering techniques such as frivolité lace as seen in some of her pieces.

Selena, Teté by Odette’s new collection

Teté by Odette presents “Selena”, her new spring-summer 2023 proposal at the Wellington Hotel. Designer Odette Álvarez shows her collection as a part of the off-schedule of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. The creator from Santander presents a fashion proposal in which her well-known jewel dresses become undisputed protagonists. Detailed embroidery, crystals and large volumes define her creations, with which she pays tribute to the women who have marked her life: her clients. Sequins, fringes and beads fill the collection’s garments inspired by lunar landscapes. White is one of the main protagonists in her looks in which there is also room for intense night blue and luminous black.

Pedro del Hierro’s desert island

The new spring-summer 2023 collection of fashion brand Pedro del Hierro has been presented on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk with the participation of actor Javier Rey. The brand, led by Alex Miralles and Nacho Aguayo, transports us to a desert island. Their proposals for men and women invite you to enjoy time through very relaxing pieces adorned with shells and stones. Crochet and linen are the protagonists of day looks, which are presented in a palette of calm colors, but in which there is also room for tones that evoke the sea or the hues of exotic flowers. Pedro del Hierro's evening proposals are minimalist and advocate pairing the always-elegant combination of black and white. A safe bet to fill the wardrobe with timeless pieces always ready to wear.

Malne reborn

Fashion label Malne presents Birth, a collection that reflects its origins. Passion for fashion, craft and quality and detailed work brand a proposal that symbolizes the end of an era and the beginning of another. The desert, as a symbol of birth, of something new, inspires Malne's creations. The colors, the light, the way the dunes move, all are reflected in each of their looks. The new ways of living and consuming fashion have marked this revolution in the fashion brand made up by Juanjo Mánez and Paloma Álvarez. Thus, the aesthetic codes of Malne are renewed, seeking a transformation and new aesthetic horizons without losing sight of its roots. Nightlife and luxury continue to be a constant in their creations, which are presented rejuvenated yet retain the essence of a premium couture atelier that pays maximum attention to detail.

A fusion of fashion and architecture by Pilar Dalbat

Pilar Dalbat, from Granada, presents her new spring-summer 2023 fashion collection at the headquarters of the Madrid College of Architects during the off-schedule of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. 'Sólido capaz', is a collection inspired by the restoration works of the Nasrid wall of Granada. The designer thus fuses architecture and fashion, a constant in her work. With this proposal, Dalbat reaffirms her commitment to fashion made to last over time, slow fashion and the Made in Spain seal. The designer showcased looks full of brightness playing with mixtures of textures, with transparencies and embroideries that are mixed with opaque neoprene. The color palette ranges from calm whites and grays to vibrant hues like aqua, yellow and lime.

A journey to Estonia with Juan Duyos

Duyos celebrates the 25th anniversary of his signature label on the catwalk of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The fashion creator from Madrid fills the catwalk with dancers in a spectacular staging by the ELAMOR dance company to showcase his spring-summer 2023 proposals. A journey to Estonia inspires the collection of the creator from Madrid. Estonian nature and landscapes are reflected in pieces that are filled with flowers and colors that take us to the country’s lush forests. His garments play with volumes and layers in a collection in which he once again exhibits his passion for craftsmanship. Duyos’ proposed silhouettes are reminiscent of traditional costumes, which are renewed and brought to the present with organza, tulle, silk, muslin. A gathering filled with rich materials, meticulous embroidery and sequins to celebrate his 25 years in fashion.

Le Cinema inspires the Andrés Sardá collection

Firm Andrés Sardá has been commissioned to inaugurate the 76th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid on the catwalk in pavilion 14 of IFEMA. Le Cinema is the title of the 2023 spring-summer collection of the emblematic Catalan high-end lingerie brand. Nuria Sardá takes a journey through different film genres to create her spring-summer 2023 collection. Among her creations we find references to classic movies such as Alfred Hitchcock and his 'blondes', musicals such as Moulin Rouge and fantasy films with storytelling princesses. For its high-end lingerie garments, the firm Andrés Sardá is committed to the transparency and lightness of the garments, with bustiers, bodies, high-waist panties and non-wired bra models. The Catalan firm's lingerie comes out, a trend showcased on the catwalk where swimwear proposals are also presented highlighting colors, geometries and their reminiscences to the world of art.

María Lafuente presents Sempiterno

María Lafuente opens the off schedule fashion shows for the 76th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. The designer showcased her new collection, which she has titled 'Sempiterno' at the El Águila Complex. To create this fashion proposal, María Lafuente has collaborated with El Corte Inglés, giving new life to tailoring pieces from the emblematic department stores within the 'zero waste' initiative. The accessories in the collection are created together with Spanish researcher Miguel González-Pleiter from plastics and microplastics collected from the Antarctic.
Madrid es Moda

The modernization of Manémané's folklore

Manémané once again chooses Casa MeM as the stage to show his new fashion creations. Miguel Becer makes a performance presentation at the Serrería Belga, starring creations that symbolize an acid dialogue between folklore and underground culture.

Manémané's spring-summer 2023 collection is the natural evolution of the creative process on which he has been working in recent years.

The designer is committed to recovering techniques for making regional costumes from Extremadura and La Mancha, such as “el picado”, a superposition of woollen fabrics made in Spain that reveal floral ornaments. The intense and vibrant colors of these raw materials helps to discover a modern and contemporary approach to folklore.

Madrid es Moda

Ernesto Naranjo presents 010

Ernesto Naranjo chooses Madrid es Moda to show his new fashion proposals. The Serrería Belga, headquarters of Casa MeM, hosts the presentation of the Sevillian designer who carried out a performance with models to showcase his new collection. In this proposal, titled “010”, Ernesto Naranjo celebrates sensuality through grandiose couture volumes, built with fabrics that glide over the skin. The creator has collaborated with the Empathetic Groups Association in creating the staging, an artistic montage made up of inflatable sculptures by young architects Sálvora Feliz and Marta Benito.

Roots, Mans new proposal

The Palacio de Villalís de la Moraleja was the setting chosen by fashion brand Mans to present their new spring-summer 2023 collection. Titled 'Raíces', this fashion proposal looks to the past to pay homage to the crafts through elaborated and detailed proposals. Creator Jaime Álvarez is inspired by the equestrian universe returning to the origins, his own and those of his brand, uploading to the catwalk a display of retro-inspired creations. His home town, the Sevillian town of La Luisiana and the quiet countryside life are the starting point of a collection that vindicates the craft of tailoring, the value of timeless, quality work. Glen plaids, XXL lapels, leather accessories made in Ubrique, and spectacular hats from Sevillian brand Vivascarrión take us from Andalusia and its traditions to the sophistication of the Ascot races. Silks and cottons stand out as featured fabrics in a relaxed collection, with a very calm color palette in which there is also room for vibrant tones that exude vitality.