Duarte bets on the more minimal style

The DUARTE fashion brand uploads their creations on the runway reaffirming their commitment to minimal aesthetics, a concept that has become a hallmark of the menswear brand founded by Carlos Duarte, and Kiko Font from Malaga in charge of the creative direction.

Tailoring garments with very structured silhouettes coexist with light and fluid garments in a collection that seeks balance. Thus, rigid fabrics such as twills and denim are fused with lighter fabrics such as linen or silk. The colour palette goes from natural into stronger shades such as Bordeaux, lime, orange or blue. In this proposal, DUARTE also makes room for prints, which are inspired by Haida art.

Accessories take special prominence, with very versatile leather bags and pieces of jewellery that recall the work of John Chamberlain with worn veneer, designed exclusively for the fashion brand by David Locco, a pioneer in the use of ecological diamonds.


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