Miguel Marinero launches his first bridal collection

His experience of more than 45 years in the author fashion sector, together with the family’s passion for beauty and craftsmanship, result in "Querida Adéle" the first bridal collection from the signature label MIGUEL MARINERO.

Feminine and unique, their proposals are charged with sensitivity. The Marineros (Miguel and his children Nicolás and Inés) have come together to launch this new project that rescovers the tradition of dressing up as a bride. Remaning with the essentials and extolling simplicity, based on refined lines and the absence of artifice, has become the common goal to create their first bridal fashion collection.

Timeless beauty defines the lines of “Querida Adéle”, a fashion proposal in which the Marineros rescue handcrafted pleating techniques and opt for delicate embroidery as the only artifice. Gathers and ceramic applications from old family tableware subtly adorn creations made from natural materials such as linen or silk.