Pedro del Hierro takes us to Africa

Fashion brand PEDRO DEL HIERRO presents “Superbloom”, the spring-summer 2020 collection in a fashion show held at the Puerta del Sol Royal Post Office. The floral essence of spring inspires Nacho Aguayo and Alex Miralles to create a fashion proposal in which the Savannah is transformed into an explosion of colour.

The African continent is the starting point for PEDRO DEL HIERRO, taking us to unique scenarios through earth tones that flow with floral prints and vivid colours. With this collection, the historic firm belonging to the Tendam Group showcases its expertise in pattern design and the use of fabrics.

Craft embroidery and sequins add a bright touch to feminine evening looks, while the masculine line is filled with safari-inspired style proposals resulting in an ample and very versatile collection that confirms the creative maturity of the house. This collection adds a new air of freshness and modernity.