Pilar Dalbat celebrates her signature label’s 20 years

PILAR DALBAT, from Granada celebrates the 20th anniversary of her signature label with a fashion show held in a very special place, the vault hall of the Casa de la Panadería. The designer once again fulfils her intention of bringing together fashion and heritage, showing her proposals in an environment of great architectural value.

In this collection, Dalbat revises her own trajectory to rescue her most emblematic patterns and garments, reviewing her work, and performing a sustainability exercise, which recovers artisan embroidery techniques. Vegan skin, neoprene, wool cloths, silk and cashmere knit make up the rich variety of the designer's creations fabrics for fall-winter 2020/2021 season.

Architectural volumes, and puffed sleeves of retro aesthetics coexist with subtle shapes and lighter garments. Black and brown are the basis of a proposal in which metallic, orange and purple put the discordant note.


# MBFWM , Pilar Dalbat