The vitality of Ulises Mérida’s collection

ULISES MÉRIDA presents “Vita” on the runway, his spring-summer 2020 collection. As the name suggests, the fashion proposal from the designer from La Mancha exudes abundant vitality through a palette of vibrant colours.

Elegant and very urban, the Merida woman dresses in ample and fluid garments. The designer bets on this occasion for a notably more casual collection, with linen and cotton as protagonists of very studied looks suitable for any time of the day. The emblematic Bettina, the white shirt that has become the hallmark of the creator, returns to be presented on this occasion in a more ample version.

ULISES MÉRIDA flees from traditional evening dress and includes in his designs a series of garments made in guipure that fill with sophistication a fashion proposal full of movement. White and beige are the main theme of this collection, full of surprising combinations of colour and touches of fluor that endow the collection with great personality.