14 December 2021 - Colecciones 2022

Ana Locking presents "Paranormal"

Designer Ana Locking presents Paranormal, her first Couture collection. With a spectacular exhibit montage, for which she has collaborated with photographer Eugenio Recuenco, the creator reflects on the relationship between surrealism, the imaginary and reality.

"This collection is born from the intention of creating hidden, disturbing, surreal and deeply disconcerting narratives. Also from the desire to think about a reality where forced disconnection with the environment, as well as with time, has as a reverse; the deep need to bond with the other and of human connection," declares the designer.

Ana Locking takes off from the idea of ​​working on the identity of a group of women and men who seem bewitched, and who have lived, or are living at that very moment, a complex life or moment. All this disturbing but addictive story is recreated through the images of Eugenio Recuenco. Twelve scenic spaces have been created for these twelve photographs, which have been physically built one by one as if it were a film set.

A constant emotional swing is the common thread of a collection in which Steven Spielberg's Encounters of the Third Kind becomes an aesthetic reference for Ana Locking. Demi-couture garments are presented as the result of an exhaustive artisan process, making an authentic display of baroque. But, as a result of this constant contradiction in the collection, in Paranormal there are pieces that flee from all artifice. This proposal exudes drama and celebrates the material’s richness, paying homage to the magic of artisanal and the complexity of the pattern.

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