23 June 2022 - Colecciones 2023

Carlota Barrera at London Fashion Week

After three seasons presenting in London Fashion Week’s digital calendar, Carlota Barrera takes her new fashion proposal to the British catwalk. 'ASERE, QUE BOLÁ' is a collection full of Cuban references filtered by the designer’ personal vision.

Comfortable, airy pieces set the collection, in which natural fibres such as cotton or linen stand out as key fabrics in Carlota Barrera's new fashion proposal. Fine striped prints arise feelings of freshness and levity. The color palette is defined by vivid tones typical of Cuban culture such as blue, yellow and green mixed with white and brown.

Revisited guayaberas, essential sartorial suits with cut outs, and tank tops confirm the Asturian fashion creator’s commitment to celebrate roots while exploring the feeling of community, the sense of belonging and the search for identities.


Colecciones 2023
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