Duarte: journey to contemporary Greece

Duarte presents his new collection "Ti'ne afto" within the frame of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid embarking on a journey to Greece in the 1960s with the question “What is it?”, a translation of the title of the mythical Greek ballad which gives its name to the collection.

The designer proposes a wide range of recycled fabrics, and finishes ranging from sequins to lace, combining together satin, dots and twills. The chromatic range, where bright red, green and blue tones predominate, combines perfectly between black and neutral colours. The collection’s main print recreates, in a contemporary and reinvented manner, the forms of distinctive classical Greece male sculptures.

Personality, contrast and structure mark the collection’s silhouettes concentrating the volume of shapes in the lower part. One of the most representative details is long, straight sleeves that contrast with a narrowed waist. This play with form draws its influence from Greek national dress adapted to a contemporary aesthetic.
Additionally, Duarte has opted for handbag brand Degabriel to complete his looks. As for the chunky and minimal jewels that accompany the collection they are from the Crusset brand.