Juana Martín returns to Paris Haute Coutre with “Fauves”

In her third fashion show held within the official Parisian calendar, Juana Martín, designer from Cordova, presented the collection “Fauves”, based on the Fauvist artistic movement with touches of surrealism, reflecting one of Spain’s most important historical moments.

In "Fauves" the designer moves away from colour and, true to herself, presents a collection of monochrome looks, in white, beige and black. Abstract volumes, pleats, theatricality in the garments and many allegorical elements endowed with great symbolism such as faces, eyes and other elements are present in metallic and embroidered glass applications, which come out of the garments, creating a "three-dimensional" effect.

A proposal created for an elegant, emphatic, innovative, contemporary and discreet woman. The designer narrates history through garments that reflect destruction and sadness always leading us, through the looks evolution, towards a path of greater hope and freedom. "Each dress has a name and a story, the bull represents the survival of the Spanish population, the eyes, the surveillance to which society was subjected," Juana Martín points out.