Juana Martín takes the beauty of Medina Azahara to Paris

Fashion designer Juana Martín presented “La Ville Lumineuse” at the Dosne-Thiers Foundation in Paris, a collection that combines the exuberance of Cordova, and the cultural richness of its streets with the light that Paris emanates.

With her new spring-summer 2020 proposal, Juana Martín pays tribute to the Medina Azahara and the splendour of Al Ándalus, just in time to celebrate a year after the declaration of this spectacular space as a World Heritage Site. The beautiful and tragic stories kept among the walls of the great work built by order of Abderramán III, inspire the creations of the designer from Cordova. Being a symbol of power and superiority towards its enemies, the marvellous walls of "the bright city" covered in marble, gold and precious stones are reflected in each piece of the collection, providing delicate artisan wealth. Fluid fabrics and tulles full of rhinestones reflect perfectly the beauty of the Medina.

Once again, Juana Martín takes the charms and treasures of Cordova to the global fashion capital. As in each of her collections, the designer searches again within herself, her origins, her beliefs and the devotion she feels for her homeland. This has been the designer from Cordova’s fourth fashion show held within the structure of Paris Fashion Week, a presentation for which she has once again enjoyed the collaboration of Tolentino Haute Hats. The Sevillian high-end milliner firm has joined this spectacular tribute by creating exclusive, impressive headdresses that have taken the mystery and beauty of the Medina Azahara to the Parisian runway.