Leandro Cano enters the bridal world

Leandro Cano, fashion designer from Jaén, presents his first bridal collection 'Silencio Blanco' that reimagines the traditional codes of a woman's trousseau and paints in pure white the characteristic silhouettes that already define the fashion brand’s essence.

An impeccable metaphor that embraces every stitch of the Spanish designer’s new bridal proposal by bringing together 10 creations that become works of art on their own. Savoir-faire and craftsmanship are reflected in designs that avoid conventionalities and embrace fabrics such as cotton and linen blends, satin, twill, crepe, organza, jacquard with gold yarn, and the most refined tulle.

The chromatic range dances to the rhythm of white and off-white transmitting a state of peace and purity sentient of the most authentic love. The silhouette of 'Silencio Blanco' is clean, delicate and refined, and occasionally plays with volumes and flares from women’s architectural figure. In short, 'Silencio Blanco' is that love story that has never been told.