30 April 2021 - News

Madrid Capital de Moda promotes Made in Spain for Tomorrow

'Made in Spain for Tomorrow' is a think tank, a project promoted by the Government Area of Economy, Innovation and Employment of Madrid’s City Council through the Madrid Capital de Moda program, which aims to create a space for reflection to obtain elements to enhance the local and global positioning of Spanish fashion, and propose possible actions to the institutions keen to support the development of designer fashion.

The first edition of this meeting, held in digital format at Conde Duque Cultural Centre and broadcasted via streaming to the entire community of professionals in the fashion sector in Spain, counted with the participation of an outstanding cast of designers, professionals and experts from various areas of the fashion sector. Through four round tables, these panellists took on the mission of generating work guides to strengthen Spanish fashion in the future.

The day, held without public in this first edition due to the pandemic, was created with the aim of achieving annual frequency. As it develops, “Made In Spain For Tomorrow” has as its objective to become a reference point of contact to analyse each year the state of Spanish author fashion’s health from its four main aspects: cultural, aesthetic, economic and communication. Each edition will have as an output a report that recollects the state of the creative fashion sector in Spain, making a methodical synthetic compilation of the teachings and approaches of the day that is useful for the projection of the sector’s future.

The first round table, which you can enjoy in the video below, is titled: “The thermometer of Spanish fashion”, analysing the current situation of Spanish author fashion and discussing which may be the next steps to take towards the recovery of the fashion creative sector beyond the health crisis. Designer Leandro Cano, Pepa Bueno (Executive Director of ACME), Ignacio Sierra (Corporate General Director of TENDAM) and Javier Plazas (fashion expert) participated, moderated by Carlos Primo, editor of El País and ICON magazine.


The second round table of the think tank is titled “Tradition & Luxury, New Luxury” and was participated by Héctor Jareño (creative director and founder of the Reliquiae brand), Paloma Díaz-Soloaga (professor at the Complutense University of Madrid), Elena Goded ( Society of Contemporary Artisans), and Azucena Elbaile (director at La Nave - Innovation Center). This round table was moderated by Cristina Mesa (Garrigues) and highlighted the importance of crafts in the world of fashion, and the future of luxury in the sector.

The second day of the think tank “Made in Spain For Tomorrow” held a round table moderated by Charo Mora (specialist in fashion culture) and was made up of Juan Gutiérrez (Museo del Traje de Madrid), Mingo Llull (founder of MFShow), Leticia García (editor of SModa), Paul García de Oteyza (creative director and founder of Oteyza) and Rocío Ortiz de Bethencourt (founder of La Tecnocreativa) reflecting on Spain’s fashion’s DNA from the perspective of history, thought and culture.

At the last of the round table of the think tank 'Made in Spain For Tomorrow', moderated by Christian de Angelis (responsible for the Modaes Business Development), the discussion focussed on the role of Spanish fashion communication media in the information, presentation and broadcasting of Spanish fashion talent. This meeting counted with Micky Ribera (BeAgency), Charo Izquierdo (journalist and expert in fashion communication), and designer Moisés Nieto.