07 October 2022 - Colecciones 2023

Otrura presents its tenth collection

Otrura, the duo made up by fashion creators Sergio de Lázaro and Verónica Abián, presented their tenth proposal titled "Now they look". This new movement, as they term their fashion presentations, puts the focus not only on the work they do together with their team, but also on the social context in which we live.

This season’s concept emphasizes the inquisitive and expeditious vision of a society that judges without knowing. With their new creations, Otrura seeks to escape from established canons and social impositions to show themselves more authentic than ever.

Verónica Abián and Sergio de Lázaro showcased a collection in which, once again, their know-how in tailoring flourished, transformed in a very creative way to present itself renewed. Transparencies, daring openings and large and fancy stitches bare the body showing not only the verity of the garment itself, but also that of the one who wears it.


Colecciones 2023
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