Teresa Helbig’s Festival

Teresa Helbig goes up on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk to hold a celebration that pays a tribute to women. An authentic display of couture and meticulous craftsmanship placed at the service of a woman who never goes unnoticed.

Music has connected generations, a universal language that stands out as the protagonist of this particular Helbig Music Fest, a rebellious collection with a haughty touch, but also fanciful and very sophisticated. Emblematic festivals like Woodstock and artists like Janis Joplin or Patti Smith inspire the new Teresa Helbig collection.

Using materials such as leather, cotton lace, silk chiffon or glitter, Teresa Helbig celebrates one of the great human passions, freedom of spirit, together with the preservation of talent, broadcasting the arts and sisterhood to the sound of music.