Ulises Mérida and the beauty of disorder

ULISES MÉRIDA uploads a collection full of disorders and disagreements to the MBFWM runway. As if it were a metaphor about his firm’s recent move, after leaving the Barrio de las Letras to move to Salesas, overlays become the main feature of his fashion proposals.

A theatre lover, the Manchego designer takes as a starting point the work of Pirandello, the master of absurd theatre, to showcase a proposal that seeks perfection in disorder. Disagreements, contrasts and asymmetries are the key to chaotic and surprising styling, in which many garments are combined in an anarchically aesthetic way.

Pieces of elastic velvet, which are glued to the woman's body, are the basis of looks that are completed with wide padded coats, thick knitwear, cloth scarves topped with fringes and imposing pieces of leather. Its essential iridescent and metallic finishes give light to a collection full of mystery and obscurantism.