Welcome to the other side, Custo Barcelona’s most innovative collection

During the second day of the 32nd edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, emblematic fashion brand Custo Barcelona presents his new collection for current FW23-24 season which, under the name “Welcome to the Other Side”, is a manifesto of creativity, an authentic journey towards uniqueness, and a reminder that fashion is a medium for visual expression.

Custo Barcelona presents a variety of designs that capture the fashion brand’s essence with a palette of bright and bold colors, daring prints and exquisite textures. Each garment is a style statement and an expression of individuality that showcases Custo Barcelona's unique vision and prowess in fashion. Furthermore, he wished to evidence that his creations are inspired by a feminine, confident woman, who takes risks with ground breaking and transgressive designs in a most pure avant-garde style.

The staring garments of this new proposal are: oversized coats, because of the use of extremely soft fabrics and their metallic shine. These puffers are combined with large pants and miniskirts along with experimental tops, seeking to awaken emotions in confident and empowered women. Other most notable garments in the collection are dresses with openings, asymmetries and architectural designs, which represent an exhibition of creativity and art. These designs incorporate innovation and sophistication through bold colors and daring cuts.

Fall Winter 2024