06 October 2022 - Colecciones 2023

A journey towards calm with Moisés Nieto

Moisés Nieto presents his spring-summer 2023 proposal, titled "Siesta". A fashion show held at Plató Cenital, where the creator from Jaén created a particular garden with the help of Elena Suárez & Co. Through aromas, and a musical atmosphere created Zahara, also from Jaén, Moisés Nieto takes us to his native hometown Úbeda for long summer “siestas” and the calmness of rural life, valuing time and disconnection.

His garments adhere to the skin and spontaneously wrinkle like sheets. Pajama suits are the main protagonists of a fashion proposal that includes prints inspired by an old set of sheets that the designer Moisés Nieto discovered in a market in Mexico. The inspiration also comes from the trousseau and the importance that past generations gave to sheets, becoming a tribute to the conquest of time that rest entails.

With this collection, Moisés Nieto confirms his commitment to a conscious wardrobe, the use of sustainable fabrics, and a return to the roots as well as craftsmanship as the main focus for the construction of his fashion proposals.


Colecciones 2023