Acromatyx presents a new collection at Arganzuela Greenhouse

Acromatyx, the duo made up by Xavi García and Franx de Cristal, presented their new fashion collection, titled "Calma". The firm held a fashion show in Arganzuela Crystal Palace Greenhouse due to the collaboration with Madrid Capital de Moda. This building, by architect Luis Bellido y González, housing more than 9,000 species of plants, together with the comforting sound of its fountains and sheets of water, transport calm and serenity and gives the collection its name.

Acromatyx’s designers define this new fashion proposal as a sensory and experimental rave. The color range is focused exclusively on jet black and pure white interspersed with bright yellow, conveying strength and intensity. Fluid fabrics such as taffeta, silk, poplin, second-skin tulle or sequins with a scale effect, fused with more organic fabrics such as denim and light wool, coexist in harmony with metal appliqués, giving some garments a nostalgia of the 1990s and 2000s. 

In this collection, the union of Acromatyx with Swarovski is highlighted, based on decontextualizing a luxury item linked to the night to place it at a more accessible and urban level. Also noteworthy is the fashion brand's collaboration with the optical brand Hawkers, creating two models of glasses with a futuristic, angular and wrap-around design. Finally, for the footwear, classic models from the New Rock firm have been used to impregnate the catwalk with the rave culture of the 90s, in different colours.

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