Custo Barcelona brings us closer to summertime at 080 Barcelona

Custo Barcelona presented the new Spring-Summer collection, "Sun O'clock", at the renowned Barcelona catwalk, Pasarela 080, a fashion proposal dedicated to imagination, loaded with innovation, and with which we are once again amazed.

The new collection’s starring garment is the dress: micro, with a minimalist pattern and geometric shaped openings, maxi, with streamlined patterns and macro geometries jacquards. Garments made with soft fabrics, such as macro, oversize pants that, combined with experimental micro tops, stand out alongside other of Custo's starring garments: swimsuits and bodies, pieces that draw attention due to their openings and the combination of jacquards and thick thread woven bands that recreate geometric shapes together with logo trimmings.

The Catalan fashion designer has been inspired by the beauty and richness of precious stones including in the collection the entire colour palette: emerald green, sapphire blue, topaz orange, spinel pink, tourmaline fuchsia, citron yellow, amethyst purple, larimar sky blue, diamond white and onyx black, all hues applied as a solid colour or mixed in vibrant new combinations.

The result is a non-stop fashion show reflecting light, optimism, joy and music, all inseparable and eternal companions of an unstoppable Custo.