13 March 2022 - Colecciones 2022

Dress-up Spanish style with García Madrid

GARCÍA MADRID presents with a fashion film its fall-winter collection during the off-schedule program of the official MBFWM calendar. 'Dress-up Spanish style', a fashion proposal that recovers the most artisanal values ​​of tailoring and vindicates Spain’s weight in the history of fashion. This collection looks back to the past to transform it into a colorful future.

The nostalgia that any past time was better is completely pushed aside. Black, so characteristic of the Spanish influence on European fashion in the 16th and 17th centuries, the solemnity and rigidity of 'Dressing in the Spanish manner' has now become a memory. GARCÍA MADRID proposes quite the opposite for next season, a fluid, organic, optimistic and colorful collection, with garments in yellow, raspberry, turquoise, off-white, earth tones and blue.

Thus, GARCÍA MADRID presents a contemporary sartorial proposal with more relaxed rules, broader, deconstructed structures. Wide pants with maximum comfort become the star garment of this fashion proposal. Jackets without lapels symbolize the role of the client during the final decision, and the feeling of what wearing GARCÍA MADRID is like: clothing that adapts to the client’s lifestyle, not the other way around. Wool, cashmere, mohair, merino and organic cotton cloths confirm Manuel García's commitment to quality and sustainability.

Colecciones 2022
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