24 March 2022 - Colecciones 2022

Moisés Nieto’s fashion show in Matadero Nave 16

Moisés Nieto opens the doors of Nave 16 of Matadero Madrid to celebrate a fashion show with its own identity. The creator from Jaén presents his fall-winter 2022/2023 collection with the participation of Jorcam, the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, which was responsible for providing the soundtrack during the presentation of the designer's new creations.

Moisés Nieto's new proposal stems from the Spanish imaginary, from his culture, a very recurring source of inspiration for the designer. This time, the work of Francisco de Goya becomes the protagonist in a collection in which crafts play a fundamental role. Goya's "majismo" reinvents itself and approaches today's society through knit nets, arbutus bobbles, prints, colors and silhouettes.

To create this collection, Moisés Nieto has relied on the work of ten artisans to co-design the garments, accessories and details that make it up. Technique and know-how are reflected in creations that extol the value of collaboration, local trade and production in proximity. Up cycling rises again as a concept inherent in Nieto's work. This time it materializes through collaboration with the Royal Tapestry Factory, which has donated surplus yarn to create some of the pieces of this proposal of discernible timeless value.

Colecciones 2022
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