28 September 2022 - Colecciones 2023

García Madrid’s most optimistic tailoring

García Madrid presents his collection nº35 within Madrid Fashion Week. A bright and contemporary proposal that, in the words of Manuel García, the firm’s creative director, "speaks of elegance in other words".

On this occasion, García Madrid's inspiration stems from classic tailoring with an eye towards the future. The creator experiments with new materials, new shapes and new blends of colors and textures in a very cheerful collection. Ranges of blues and pinks, aquamarines and pearls, dialogue with greens, pinks and tuti frutti prints, exuding optimism in a proposal full of light.

The silhouette of García Madrid's men becomes more dynamic, adopting the best traditional shapes to bring them up to date. Suits with double-breasted jackets, two-tone suits, oversize trousers, smoking and morning suits are made from high-quality traditional materials such as virgin wool, cashmere, silk and premium cottons, but also from innovative environmentally friendly fabrics.

Colecciones 2023
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