27 October 2021 - Colecciones 2022

The nostalgic summer of Moisés Nieto

Moisés Nieto immerses us in his memories to transport us to his own summer during 1990, a shelter from which he has created his new collection. The designer from Jaen recreates his childhood to wander through the tradition and routine of a land and a time, sometimes longed for, to design his fashion proposals for the spring-summer 2022 season.

In an uncertain moment, where over information, excess images and accelerated changes in the fashion system are almost becoming the norm, assaulting and overwhelming us, the longing for a more leisurely and respectful lifestyle becomes the guiding thread of a collection that speaks about memories and everyday life.

Damask fabrics, or seersucker are the protagonists of interesting textures and structured volumes. The crochet of the cloths, the net curtains, the lace or the patio plants, represent the eternal and hot summers of the south. These elements are translated into wide midi dresses, pleated silk skirts, wide pants and light garments made with organic cotton or silk fabrics, and mixed with artisanal techniques such as knitting, crochet and macramé.

Thus, in his proposal for next summer, Moisés Nieto revises the classics adding new and unexpected details. As in previous collections, the designer once again brings us closer to the most traditional craftsmanship, emphasizing sustainability, two aspects that have become a genuine, distinctive feature of his work.

Colecciones 2022
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