04 April 2022 - Colecciones 2022

This is 'Tiburón', the new collection from Palomo Spain

TIBURÓN is the title of Palomo´s new spring-summer 2022 collection. The creator from Cordova presents his proposal in a unique setting, the new LOOM Space at Castellana 85. This spectacular business centre is transformed into a catwalk to showcase his new designs, in which he establishes a vibrant parallelism between the sobriety of the day-to-day life of entrepreneurs and the eccentricity of their desire for greatness and the generous funds in their accounts.

Alejandro Palomo hence explores the executive world and its classic clothing. Movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street” serve as inspiration to transform the aesthetics and at-the-office looks. Classic tailoring becomes contemporary using rigid structures that add an extravagant touch. Sable, mink and marabou accentuate this eccentric point, as well as psychedelic prints as a symbol of lives full of substances and debauchery.

Palomo completes his executive's wardrobe with more casual outfits, polo shirts and preppy-style knit pieces, which become the designer's first knitwear exercise. In his more casual line, laser process customized Levi's 501 stands out. Colourful accessories dress-up Palomo's looks for next season with leather briefcases made in striking colours as well as his sunshades made for MÓ de Multióptica.



Colecciones 2022