Upheaval, the new collection by Carlota Barrera

Carlota Barrera presents the FW23 “Upheaval” collection with a Fashion Film in her two cities of reference, London and Madrid. The new collection, created near the sea, represents the nostalgic reminiscence of the fashion brand's roots on the Spanish coast and the relationship between man and nature. Carlota pays homage to the fishermen who spend nights at sea and to the “redeiras”; the women who build the fishing nets on the Spanish coasts.

The fashion brand uses a dark color palette and textures that evoke the roughness of fishing nets and crafts, resulting in garments that reinterpret tradition in a contemporary context, and that reflect the brand's evolution towards a more mature and sophisticated aesthetic, inspired by the constant evolution of gender identities.

Functional water-resistant layers, a relaxed reimagining of curvy shirts, sailor stripes, rope and metal details typical of 1930s labour-wear, as well as the introduction of reimagined work jackets, appear throughout the collection. Once again, craftsmanship is celebrated with the use of natural coastal elements reworked by hand into contemporary pieces and tops and accessories from hand-braided rope.