Juan Vidal presents a new capsule collection

Juan Vidal presents a new capsule collection choosing a see-now-buy-now format. The designer from Alicante is committed to making an exhibit montage to showcase his new fashion proposal, in which the dress stands out as the star garment.

Airy fabrics, and very light silhouettes are the protagonists of this new, timeless collection, very much intended for special events. Made of printed recycled fibres, this capsule’s garments are for sale exclusively on the Es Fascinante digital fashion marketplace.

Juan Vidal thus confirms his commitment to responsible fashion, and is inspired by the New York Times article that collected the request that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) made to the main international fashion heads to avoid the promotion of fur in their pages, urging them to reconsider their values.

In the 1990s, PETA's methodology for inspiring social change was provocation through boycotts. Among their most recognizable actions we could see how fur coats were splashed with red paint in the street, fashion offices or catwalk entrances. A direct and highly visual tactic that helped activists gain visibility in the culture war over the use of animal fur. A very characteristic gesture faithfully reflected in the collection’s prints.

Years have passed by and the method has moved on towards dialogue, but those actions that changed the course of fashion still resonate strongly in the designer's mind. For Juan Vidal, this collection is a tribute to that time, when talking was not enough and it was necessary to take action.

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